Lucky day

On Wednesday when I met L1z (formerly from Celc0m), she said something that was so simple, so cliche yet so true. She said: If you wake up one morning and think that you’re going to have a bad day, you will.

So, this morning, I woke up with a feeling that, yes, today, everything will be okay and that it’s my lucky day.

Guess what? I had no stressful drama about my cover story, I managed to have a long lunch at Bgsr V1llage with the company of good friends AND I won something from the lucky draw at the office’s party. Well, technically it’s not actually a lucky draw.

We were each given a form which had 13 questions about the people and things at the office. If we provided the correct answers to all the questions, we stood a chance to win prizes.

So, I guess I provided the right answers. I won the Ult1mate Rad1ance: Complete 1ntens1ve C0llagen Car3 from sw1ssl1ne by d3rmalab box set. It contains about five packs of collagen masks and a collagen cleanser. I gave one pack of mask to my boss (see k-sgor-pictures)

Okay, so it isn’t a limited edition C0ach bag — which btw went to 1rwan the graphic artist; his wife is so lucky and he’s definitely getting some action tonight hehehehe– but I’m cool with what I got.

Anyway, I’m more excited about my free makeover by Laura Merc1er. L+T invited three makeup artists from LM to give free makeovers to the women at the office. I think close to 20 women came to have their faces made up at the adhoc “beauty counter” set up at the meeting room near the pantry. In fact, the makeup artists are still busy applying makeup on some women right now. I think I was the 10th person to be given a makeover.

My makeup artist, M1yuk1 is a Chinese girl with a law degree from the UK. When she was styuding law, she decided she liked playing with colours better than looking at case files. So she took a course at a makeup school which she was in London.

M1yuk1 gave me a look that enhanced my eyes. She applied glittery silver eyeshadow on my eye sockets. She complemented me on my long eyelashes before she proceeded to use an eyelash curler on them.

Too bad I’ve featured my friend (the stylist) as a personality for How Do I Become? Otherwise I wouldn’t mind featuring M1yuk1. She does have an interesting story to tell… since she’s an actress too.

Well, she was in the Malay movie Pal0h, apparently, acting as the younger sister to the lead actress.

You know what? I found a promotional picture of her on the Internet. Click here for the picture. Well, it looks a lot like her anyway.

Woops! My brother’s here. I have to go!

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