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What is it with those bookworms?

I think reading blogs is bad for me. Anything that makes me feel little and inadequate can’t be good for me, can it?

I often feel this way after I read blogs belonging to voracious readers. They’re always blogging about the books they’ve read or are sinking their teeth into. They sound so snooty as they write about their latest read. Frankly, it’s annoying. >:)

I think what upsets me most about these blogs is that I consider myself a book lover and yet I don’t read enough.

Actually, I AM reading something right now. But it’s for work (I have to review it) and to me that’s cheating. Reading for work isn’t (always) fun, especially when I have to continue reading it even if it’s boring.

Another thing that bothers me is that they have more time to read than others. Why is that? Maybe they don’t watch much tv. I don’t watch tv very much either, so technically, I SHOULD have ample time to read. Yet I don’t. Why is that?

Maybe they MAKE time to read. I’m sure they do. I have a feeling they spend very little time blogging and surfing the Net, too 😛

Though they annoy me, I have to thank these “avid readers” too. If it wasn’t for them, I won’t know which book to pick up. I have bought books based on their recommendations and totally enjoyed those titles.

If you notice, these readers tend to be good writers themselves. I’ve certainly learnt a lot of useful phrases and new words from them.

So, rather than lament about my poor reading habits, I think I’d like to celebrate these readers.

Let’s hope that they’ll continue reading and blogging about the latest books that they have read.

P/S: My blocked nose is 95pc gone and I got my voice back. Yay! Now I can sing again. Better start practising for the wedding.


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