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K Sgor pictures

As promised, here are some pictures from the K. Sgor trip. Enjoy!

a) My kari laksa at Auntie Kop1t1am. Yum is the word!

b) Arn1 (driver) and boss 🙂

c) Ar1ef and Kak Yan1 at Auntie Kop1t1am.

d) An1s, boss and Arn1 at Auntie Kop1t1am.
Btw, I’ve also added some new pictures (from the recent Raya to the weekend retreat at Kalumpang) on my Friendster. These days, I can’t be @rsed to upload pictures on my Flicker or Photobucket. I think they’ve lost their novelty.
But maybe now that I have learnt a new trick on how to compress 1mb pictures using M1crosoft Off1ce P1cture Manager (thanks to my husband), I think I’ll be uploading more often.

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