rumah terbuka

The search is over!

Like my new (blog) look? So do I!

Now that I have found a new template that I actually like, I can now focus on more important things – like updating my blog. But I still keep my Kitchen template, just in case I start hating this one in a week.

I attended three rumah terbuka this weekend. One yesterday (a friend’s) and two today (relatives). At the second rumah terbuka today, I was actually involved in a tahlil/doa selamat. Talk about being unprepared! I was not in baju kurung and/or tudung. I felt really awkward but I couldn’t do anything about it. We weren’t told that there would be tahlil/doa selamat (today was the 26th marriage anniversary of the hosts). We were just there for the food, to be honest. Well, that’s what rumah terbukas are all about!

I was more hands on during the first rumah terbuka. My MIL was the caterer and the entire family spent the whole morning to afternoon preparing food for that rumah terbuka. I have to admit that it was less stressful and tiring this time around. It was actually fun! I never thought I’d say that about helping out in the kitchen – which I absolutely loathe. 😛

Well, tomorrow’s another working day. Must get some rest. The back of my right hand is hurting. Been like that since Thursday. It feels like I pulled a muscle there or something. Must have it checked out.



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