She’s B-A-C-K!

The little nymph at blogdrive has changed her address. She’s no longer at berahi.blogdrive.com. She’s now at http://myberahi.blogspirit.com. You can find her link on my blogroll. (Come on, admit it, you HAVE been reading her and secretly wondering why she hasn’t updated her blog of late 😛 )

But the silly girl has pasted “her” nude picture on her blog. I think she was jerking off in the shower. I could be wrong because I didn’t have a good look. So tak sanggup nak bukak kat office k!

I don’t even know if that’s her picture because, well, it’s the Internet lah people. I can e-mail a picture of Sit! Nurhal!za to a person in the States and say it’s me and the guy will probably fall for it. You know what I mean?

Anyway, every time I talk about this girl, I feel the need to explain why I read her. I don’t need to of course but I WANT to. I read her because I think she writes well. I don’t really get off on her stuff. Although I must admit, she gives me “ideas”. Hahahaha… too much information!

Anyway, I’ve finished my stupid article on that irritating guy. FINALLY! Now I can move on to other things, like the father and son hairdressing team. That’s for an up-coming yet-another career feature. I’ll start with that right after I finish this blog and take a leak. Heh. Another information you didn’t need.



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