I wanna be like you!

I got to use the new proxy server (and meebo) today. But I was hardly on the Internet today because I had to do so many things that involved being away from the PC.

One of them was going to the toilet about three times in less than three hours. My stomach was acting up. I knew I shouldn’t have had yogurt for breakfast!

Aside from my stomach troubles, it has been an interesting day. My assignment was also out of the ordinary.

I went to the launch of Ad!bah Am!n’s first English novel, Th!s End of the Ra!nbow. The novel is quite timely in the sense that it addresses the issue of racial integration. The book was set in UM in the pre-Independence era. I’ll write the review once I am done with it.

An interesting fact about the book is that Ad!bah took over fifty years to write it. 50 years! And she’s 70 this year!

I want to be like her when I am 70 — still writing (at least in my blog), reading and earning a living from doing translations and stuff. Her speech is clear, not slurred like some people her age. I believe she has been blessed with great health. Well, healthy enough for her to be able to spend a full day on a flight to the States to see her daughter and grandkids.

To be honest, she looks 10 to 15 years younger than her real age. The only giveaway is her hands. But he palms are smooth, not coarse. You can tell from shaking hands with her. This is a reminder to us all (ladies especially) to start investing in hand lotions. I, particularly, need to start doing that.

My eldest sister has a ritual of slathering on body lotion after showering. My friend 00 has that habit too. I haven’t acquired it, for some reason, although I have lived many years with these two women. I really should start now. I’ve been diligent with putting on face moisturiser since I was 15 and I can say that I am reaping the rewards now. I’ve been told that I look young for my age 😛 So, must start making sure my hands don’t give away my real age (hehehe).

BTW, as my husband was driving this morning, I noticed (for the first time?) that he has beautiful fingernails. They’re long and oval, just the way I like them. Mine are rather squarish, like a cup. His are long, like champagne glasses. I can only hope that our kids will inherit his fingernails 🙂

Ok, enough. How did the topic change from novels to fingernails? I must be tired.

Well, good night. Don’t let the bed bug bite!

P/S: My husband and I had dinner at Pel!ta Bgsr. On our way home, we stopped by that big statinery shop because he wanted to check out Lemy pens. He decided to get one which was RM70 on the spot. I got myself a pink Parker. RM3 from the sales of that pen will be donated to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association in PJ, for as long as you return the sleeve (in the package which comes with the pen) to the association. The pen costs RM29.

I’m thinking of getting another one for my eldest sister as a gift. I don’t think I have written about her battle with cancer here. She discovered that she had breast cancer shortly after my akad nikah in April. She had her left breast removed in July, I think. She now undergoes chemo at UMMC every Friday since before puasa. Alhamdulillah, her recovery process is quite fast. Alhamdulillah.


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