They’ve got the power!

I just finished watching The Covenant on DVD. You can read the movie reviews here. But here’s my half-baked, at-close-to-12am attempt of a review.

The Covenant is about four modern day, wealthy, teenaged warlocks who attend this posh but creepy-looking private school. The boys have known each other all their lives. That’s because they belong to this four families – the witches of Ipswich – which have formed a covenant.

There was actually a fifth family. But that clan was a bit more, how shall I say, power crazy. They didn’t fit in with the rest, so they were kicked out of the group.

Hundred of years later, hot warlock number 1 is just days away from celebrating his 18th birthday. It’s a big event in ways more than one way. See, on the 18th birthday of the first born male of each family, he gets “ascended” – which means that his power fully matures. The problem is, their power is so seductive and addictive. Overuse of the power will make them “mature” beyond their years. Actually, that means that by the time they hit 44, they will look 200. I kid you not.

Apparently, the birthday boy isn’t the only one who is looking forward to his birthday. Someone else has been crossing off the dates on the calender as well, sending darklings – images of a dead guy – as “birthday reminders” etc.

Turned out, the eldest born from the fifth family is in town to get hot teen warlock number 1 to “will his power” to him. Apparently, this boy grew up without other teen warlocks in his support group and no one warned him of the side effects of liking his powers too much. Now he’s addicted to it and, if he’s not careful, he would be needing anti-wrinkle creams soon, by the truckload.

He’s already got his own father to will his power to him and now he wants teen warlock number 1 to do the same.

Of course, he had to resort to casting spells on the people that teen warlock number 1 cares about such as his new girlfriend, his best bud teen warlock number 2 and teen warlock number 2’s exotic girlfriend.

So, does teen warlock number 1 relinquish his powers? and by doing so will die? Watch the movie to find out.

I won’t say much about the acting – because they’re all pretty stiff. But I thought it was a pretty movie. Everything about it was pretty. The main characters were consisted of pretty boys and girls who can’t really act. The cinematography was pretty. In fact the whole movie looked like a very expensive video clip.

The special effects are, at first, kind of cool. But when it came to the fight scenes, it began to look really corny. Sometimes the movie lacks logic. But as I’ve said before, “who needs logic when you have hot looking actors to look at!”

The suspence scenes menjadi jugaklah. I think it’s largely because of the set. The dorm reminds me of the dorm in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Yeah, spooky.

I’d give the movie a three out of five. Not Oscar material, not a classic, but passable.


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