I have fallen into the GA*P. Therefore, I will be Forever 2*1

The Friday before Raya, I went to OU and bought a pair of pants from the GA*P for RM175. It’s the most expensive pair of pants that I have ever owned. I bought it not really because I needed another pair of pants. Rather it was because I had the cash and I wanted to have something from the GAP in my wardrobe. I thought carrying the GA*P carrier bag would have been so cool! Hahahaha! So bodoh!

To be honest, I wouldn’t go there to buy anything else aside from pants because stuff there are too expensive for me. I’d rather spent close to RM200 for a dress like the one at Forever 2*1 than a pair of jeans or shirt.

OMG! The dress at F21 was so perfect for me. I went there for the second time after picking up my pants (which was altered) from the GA*P store. The dress at F21 was a brown shirt-dress type of thing and came with a matching brown belt. Granted the neckline was a little low for me and showed a little bit of my cleavage but hey, I can always wear a tube inside! Everyone (husband, sister-in-law and cousins) thought I looked good in it. Even the two chinese girls who were trying out clothes in the dressing room were thinking of trying it on for size.

I already made up my mind that I would get it. But I couldn’t take the one that I tried on because the belt loop on the left was missing and the button of the front of the dress were very loose – as if someone a size bigger had tried to fit herself into the dress. Other than that, it was perfect.

Then my husband checked with the counter and the store said that was the last size-L they had. So I didn’t buy the dress and I am still thinking about how perfectly it fitted me. The brown dress at the other store don’t even compare with this one.

On hindsight, I should have gotten it and tried to get it for less (the pricetage said RM199) because it was damaged. I could fix the belt and also the loose buttons myself!

Man, why didn’t I think of it at the store!!

Well, must make a point to go there again one of these days. I tell you the work jackets are to die for. They’re so snazzy, funky and ME. God, I gotta go there again!


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