Back breaking news

Never, ever sleep face down (meniarap). I learnt it the hard way yesterday and today I am not fasting because of it.

I made the mistake of falling asleep face down at 5pm yesterday. When I woke up my back was stiff, especially the left side of my back. Yesterday was not too bad. But the pain just won’t go away and I believe it’s getting worse. It makes it hard for me to sit, walk, lie down, bend over – you name it. Taking a deep breath hurts too. I really dread it when I need to cough or sneeze. That’s going to hurt really bad.

I tried some yoga poses but to no avail. I thought I could rough it out until tonight to start taking some medication for it. But there’s no way I am going to spend the rest of today on the bed, especially when lying down doesn’t give any comfort. I think sleeping makes it worse.

I think I have to take some pills for muscle relaxant. I think I want to give that new pan.adol for muscle aches and back pains a try. But since I don’t have any with me right now, safe for some pills for stomach cramps and back pains, I decided to take one of those first. Hence my not fasting today.

Hope I’ll be much better tomorrow. Insya-allah.


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