Get me one of those babies!

I know what mobile phone I want to get next. I want the Nokia E70. See how it looks like here

It’s something like a communicator
but less bulky. It’s got everything that I need for work and leisure – e-mail, sms, QWERTY keyboard, spreadsheet that allows me to do some typing (and read pdf files, too!), mp3, internet via 3G, WAP and even WiFi.

I can actually surf the internet wireless using Nokia E70 anywhere at home. One reviewer actually said that the phone has replaced his laptop. I don’t know about that but it still coolness to me!

It’s going for about RM1,800 right now. Anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy enough about gadgets to blow my budget on mobile phones. Where will I get the $$? CA baby! Insya-allah in October. But E70 is a smart Symbian phone, so it’s worth every penny.

I spent RM1,100 for my current phone and I have been using it for the past 3 years. I think I’m quite lucky with phones – unlike my husband – because I have never lost any of my phones *touch wood*. Spending RM1,800 for a good phone that I’ll be using for the next 3 years is okay right? 🙂

I wish I had the CA money right now so that I can go out and get me one of those E70 babies. It comes in silver and black. My husband and I want to get one in black. Finally, we are going to be one of those couples who have the same phones. Tacky but well, why not? Ooooh… can’t wait!

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