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1901 on Fridays

I had 1901 hotdog for dinner. Just like songs, food can also trigger memories for me; both good and bad.

Whenever I have 1901 now, I’ll be reminded of my Friday night ritual with sh@h, m@fi@ and @nen two years ago. Every Friday night, just an hour or so before malaysianidol goes on live from sripentasdua, the three of us would have dinner at 1901 at the plazaalamsentral entrance. After dinner, we will make our way into the stuido. The 1901 outlet isn’t there anymore, which is a pity. Going to watch any live show at sripentasdua is never the same ever since 🙂

But that was two years ago. Sh@h has continued the tradition of watching friday night reality talent shows. Only this time it’s oneinamillion and he watches from home. At least I think he did, otherwise he would’ve asked me to accompany him or something since I live so close to shah alama city centre. I have only watched three or four episodes, including the grand finale last night and the wild card show. I went for that one because I had to interview the female judge about her schooldays.

This year, Sh@h a big part of the finale because he wrote the lyrics to F@iz@l original song. Like me, he was also rooting for F@iz@l. I thought @udi, the composer, did a great job with that song (and I believe he wrote alif’s son too).

Hats off to the three finalists because they did their original songs well. I can see myself buying their albums – or just the single. I do see myself singing to Suki’s single because it’s good. I’m not going to deny that although I am not her supporter. But I think the female judge has a point when she was commenting on how Suki was struggling with how she was going to “present” the song. She sounded great singing Everything but, as the female judge rightly pointed out, it’s not Suki’s original song so it is expected of her to make it sound better than the original singer.

I’m, however, particularly impressed with Alif’s vocals when he did his original song. He sounded great, like a pro. F@iz@l seemed like he was struggling with his low notes during the live performance but in the studio/CD, I think that song will sound SO good.

I wonder how my boss feels about f@iz@l lost. She is a huge fan of the show and f@iz@l. I recall her telling me that she was going to vote suki out as well as vote for f@iz@l. I guess it was just not enough. What to do….

I hope the next oneinamillion will have a better appeal. I am honestly surprised with myself for having NO interest in this first season. Being a malaysianidol reject, it’s really unlike me not to pay attention to a talent show. Maybe next season.



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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