Count on me!

I stumbled upon a close friend’s blog today. We used to be quite close in uni but we sort of drifted apart ever since we started work and both had our own boyfriends.

Apparently, she went through hell on earth recently. I only found out about it recently when we chatted over YM. What she told me was confirmed in her blog.

I feel really bad for not being there for her. There was no way for me to know that she was going through such pain. But if I had bothered to pick up the phone and spend a little time chatting with her, she would probably let it slip to me.

I’m glad I found her blog because I feel like I can catch up with her like old times again.

I promise to be a better friend from this moment. And my friend – you know who you are – you can count on me!


1 thought on “Count on me!”

  1. You are the best person to share things with, thank you for always being there, Sue. Sorry about the blog – the reason I didn’t tell you about it – bcoz what I wrote was 100 percent perasaan hati yang luka – segan nak share dengan orang – and completely broken english..ha..ha… 🙂 but now i know there’s always somebody to read my blog…

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