It’s just not on!

I’m sure you’ve heard about Steve Irwin’s death by now. It’s sad, isn’t it… how he died so suddenly. It’s freakish how he died, really. Who would have thought…

I remembered hearing news about his death some time back. But I knew that was a hoax because I didn’t find any news about it on the Internet. But this time, it is for real, for sure.

I admit, he can be annoying and corny sometimes. But he will be missed. I feel sorry for the wife and children.

So, naturally, I found the endless ikan pari joke the two morning crew dj’s were going on and on about on Tuesday a bit … distasteful. They said that they were going to call a stringray expert to speak on the show… and then they called a person who was talking about how ikan pari is nice cooked like this and that…

What the heck was that all about?

I consider myself a person with a good sense of humour (although I’m not much of a joker, I can take a joke) but I just do not understand the need to make jokes about how “ikan pari is so nice to eat” the day after the untimely and freakish death of someone caused by an ikan pari. Tolonglah…

I don’t know if someone complained about it. But I can just imagine the kind of slack the people who complain about such petty things will get. “Come on, it’s just a harmless joke?”

Well, tell that to Irwin’s family.


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