A glimpse of the new office

This entry is dedicated to Princess and the rest who (a) has left the office for greener pastures and (b) is still with the office but merely operating from a different state.

Here, I present to you the first batches of photos of the new office. For security reasons, I will only show decor and not faces. Pictures with faces are available upon request.

My desk. Not as neat as it can be but well, it’s only been the second day. Ooh… there’s a tv near my row… Cool! (I will take a picture of the TV when it’s actually on)

My desk. Look at how messy under the table is! By next week, all this mess will be gone because word is, British Petroleum will do an inspection to make sure that nothing is under our table.

The locker room. My locker is the one with the tag on. I have my Milo and mug and some magazines in there. Perfect for storing my kain telekung. That and being on the second floor should motivate me to pray more at the office. Insya-allah.

More pictures coming soon…


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