We’ve moved

I have moved most of my stuff (except a big box full of current stuff I’m working on, my mugs etc) to the new office on the 2nd floor .

Heard some funny and curious things about my new next-table neighbours from their former colleague. Whateverlah… As long as they tak kacau me, I’m fine. But if they try anything funny, I’ll just put on my ear plugs and drown myself in my music. Talk to the hand lah…

Maybe I should teach my colleagues – and boss – to use YM. At least can mengata in stealth mode. 😛

As I have said before, am not excited about moving. Rather, more thrilled about decorating my new table. I’m planning to put a picture frame with a picture of me and husband. I’ve never put any pictures of loved ones in the office before. The new office is a good time to start. Might get one of those ik.ea photo holders. At least won’t need to buy an actual photo frame. See first lah…

It’s late and my eyes are dry. Need to take off my contacts. Night night!


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