Lake House

Remember I wrote about wanting to watch Lake House? I finally did on Merdeka Day with my husband.

It wasn’t the most logical movie but who needs logic when you have Keanu Reeves. Basically, Keanu’s characters started corresponding with Sandra Bullock’s character when the latter put a letter in the mailbox in front of the lake house both of them have once occupied. At first, Keanu was a bit confused when Sandra warned her about dog’s paw prints that only appeared a day after she wrote him and also saying that she was staying in this condo that wasn’t due to be ready in another 18 months.

Soon, they realised that, wa hey, “we’re 2 year’s apart from each other!” Sandra’s living in the future (or present from her POV – it was 2006) and Keanu’s in the past (2004).

But that didn’t bother them because soon they found themselves falling for each other, even having their first fight over letters.

But the best parts of the movie, IMHO, were when they start making plans to see each other. The director hinted that Keanu had actually died in 2006, hence why he stood Sandra up one night they had promised to meet. But did he? That one you have to figure out for yourself by watching the movie.

I didn’t really like the ending but I loved the climax leading to the end. That part was really clever. *Sorry, you’re not getting any spoilers from me*

As I have said before, it’s not the most logical movie ever made.But it’s still quite good because there is something deeply romantic about anticipation and hope. The movie is saying be patient and thou shalt be rewarded.

There is a reason why things do not happen as and when we want them to. Because a better deal is just around the corner.


1 thought on “Lake House”

  1. I like your new layout, and the picture. Is that your homely/housewife coming out since married? Hehe. Watched Lake House recently and thought of you, hehe.

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