Happy Merdeka Day!

Last night, I went to the Cu.rve with my in-laws to watch fireworks. I haven’t done this (“celebrate” Merdeka Day) in a long time because (a) I hate crowds and (b) I hate being stuck in the jam, eventhough I am not the one behind the wheels. When you go out to celebrate on the Eve of _____ (you fill in the blanks), you are bound to face situations (a) and (b).

But my in-laws wanted to watch fireworks and my husband has other plans – he went to his friend’s private party in KL and I didn’t feel like going – so, I didn’t really have a choice but to follow them. But I enjoyed myself. And so did everyone else.

It was about 10pm when we arrived at the Cu.rve and were making our way to ik.ea. That was when An.uar Z.ain came on stage for his performance. Sempatlah tengok dia nyanyi lagu Januari by Gl.en. I have never heard/seen A.Z sing live so that was a pleasant surprise. He sounded great because he kept it simple. Sometimes A.Z overdoes his vocal gymnastics which is a put off. But when he keeps it simple and real… excellent.

I called Princess to tell her that her husband was on stage. She almost fainted (just kidding). She asked me to take a picture so I did. Well, I tried. But my cameraphone can’t zoom very far, so it turned out blurry. Besides her husband was moving around on stage so much.

BTW, the host that night was vj Joey G (channel V). He’s Malaysian, no? I think so. Read about it somewhere.

Papa (father in law) said that Ja.c sang after An.uar but we were already inside ik.ea by the time she took the stage. We windowshopped at ik.ea, fantasising about how we would furnish our individual rooms in (our future) house at sect 3. Nampaknya by the end of next year, me and Zally will be neighbours. (The house is across her parents home). Insya-allah.

All that walking and fantasising really worked up our appetites. Went to the ik.ea foodcourt and it was packed. So, we all decided to head back to the Cur.ve for dinner/supper. But the situation was the same. Ken.ny Ro.gers was so full, the workers actually blocked the door going into the restaurant to prevent people from coming in and plonking themselves in it. We ended up having dinner at this halal chinese restaurant.

After dinner, we went to the street between ik.ea and the cur.ve — which last night was blocked to make way for the stage, some stalls and a ferris wheel (no kidding)– and waited for the clock to strike 12.

The fireworks was amazing. My favourite were the ones that looked like shooting starts falling from the sky. Some of the mercun made this funny silencer (the gun) sort of sounds. You know, the muffled gun shot sound. I thought to myself that last night would have been a perfect time for a hitman to assinate someone because no one would be able to tell. Not that I’m giving anybody any ideas…

Anyway, trying to get out of the area after that was a nightmare. Just a little price to pay for the beautiful firework, I suppose.

We actually re-parked our cars when we realised that the queue going out of the parking lot ain’t moving anywhere. To kill our time, we decided to go upstairs and just chillout on the osi.mo massaging chairs on display at the mall’s centre court. Instead of getting some shut eye, I was people watching.

Big night outs like last night was perfect for checking out what duds people are wearing and how other people put fashion pieces together and whether they can get away with wearing ridiculous stuff. It was fun and educational 😛

After about half an hour, we decided to make our way home. We arrived at 2.30am.

This morning, I woke up at 10am, got dressed, woke my husband up and went to this nice kfc near um’s pj entrance. We went there (the drive-through) on wednesday and decided to come back one day to have a proper sit-down meal, just to soak in the ambience. It’s the nicest kfc outlet that I have been too. It reminds me of the mcd outside of ik.ea.

After lunch, we went to the office because I needed to pack up some of my stuff for the big move.

Yes, the editorial floor is moving to the new office on the 2nd floor. Starting Monday, some of the sections — like edu, sp, lnt, nsut — would be working from our new desks. Can’t say I am very excited about the shift. But I am looking forward to decorating my new desk.

My packing was done in about an hour because I have most of my stuff in boxes and carrier bad anyway. I have been packing my stuff neatly in boxes and carrier bags (they are neatly arranged under my desk) ever since I caught news of us having to move to the new office. That must have been in February. I got busy cleaning my table after the VSS people left.

When I have settled myself down at the new office, I will bring my camera to take pictures of how the new office looks like after it has been inhabited. Watch this space.


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