Out and about

How ironic. I am so tired but I can’t sleep. So, I thought I’d do some blogging before I call it a day.

I just got back from a whole-day outing with friends from work in putra.jaya. First, we had a five-hour high-tea at a marr.iott. For RM45++, we could stuff our face with loads of good food. To me, it felt a bit like Hari Raya Aidil Fitri because that’s the only time when I make more than two rounds to the (buffet) table. Not that I am a small eater or anything. Rather, when I am at a buffet, I prefer to just take what I REALLY feel like eating. Otherwise, the feeling of stomach discomfort (from pigging out) will haunt me throughout the day.

After the high-tea, I honestly didn’t feel like walking but we had to adjourn somewhere. There was a request from some from the group that we pop by ala.man.da. We spent another (what seems like) three hours there. I bought a red t-shirt from ms.read for just RM19.90 (it was on sale). There were other good stuff on sale at ms.read but I just didn’t have the cash. I wasn’t expecting to shop, actually. But I’m very happy with my purchase. Plus, I now know my actual size.(I’m a 12 by the way. I can be a 10, too, but my wobbly bits would show).

I also bought a pair of flip flops for RM10. I got it because it’s pink *surprise surprise* and my feet was killing me. I was wearing my gold wedding shoes which for some strange reason doesn’t fit well although it is my size (6). I forgot all about it until I had to do some serious walking. I really love that pair of shoes but I don’t know what to do to make it fit. Any ideas?

Anyway, that was how my day went. Later!


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