What a crappy way to start the day

I don’t know why but I am always in a combative mood these days. This morning, I had a “friendly” argument with my husband over breakfast about inconsiderate drivers.

We were having breakfast at ang.ge.rik and we sat at a table facing the road. I had a clear view of people working at mut.ia.ra being dropped off by their loved ones. But there was this sa.ga aero.back that was parked awkwardly in the middle of the road. I swear it was parked “annoyingly” that way for at least 7 minutes. Initially, I thought that the driver had gotten out of the car. But then I saw the person on the passenger seat turning her head towards the driver’s seat and talking. So, the driver was in.

I don’t know why but I was cracking my head as to why they are still there, partially blocking the way. They had left some space for other cars to pass by but I think they should have just parked properly. So I assumed that they were in a semi-heated argument. Because in my experience arguing with my husband in the car, you get so consumed with your dispute that you have little care about how you are incoveniencing other people.

But they didn’t seem to be fighting. It turned out they were waiting for a third person to arrive and join them in the car.

To give them some credit, they did leave some space for cars to pass through. But I think they could’ve have parked the car better. My husband, on the other hand, thought it was no big deal for as long as they are not completely blocking the way. But my point is, the car could have been parked better because other cars that were dropping off their friends/spouse etc had to reverse some distance before they are able to pass through. So to me, that sa.ga aero.back was actually blocking the way for some cars.

On hindsight, I shouldn’t get too worked up about it because it’s a waste of my time and energy. But you gotta admit, it is irritating when you see such things happening.

But what’s more irritating is the fact that someone had swiped my husband’s “expensive looking” but el-cheapo jacket while he went in to the restaurant to get some food. I had gone to the loo before joining my husband there. He only realised that his jacket was gone after we had stopped having that petty argument about the car. Although I knew my husband had brought his jacket with him just now, I didn’t realise it was not there when I got to the restaurant.

Now my husband is probably freezing in that sub-zero training room of ours on 5th floor. Poor baby!

Granted, my husband should not have left his jacket and bag unattended. But please lah, 8.15 am is too early to have one’s stuff stolen, k? I’ll just have to keep a lookout for someone wearing a dark chocolate faux-leather “timber.land” jacket starting today. It’s a shame, really. He looks really smart in that jacket. He has had it since the time I took part in that karaoke contest.


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