A trip across the causeway

Insya-allah, next week I get to go to singapore for five days. I always look forward to going there. My husband (who has never been there) doesn’t understand why i love it so much.

Firstly, I don’t “love” going there. I just “like” going there.

I love taking the mrt to get around, watching the tv programme (although I think msian tv is better), eating at mcd there and going to the shopping malls. When I go there, I never fail to buy cleo spore.

Why do I love it? Because it’s different from home. As simple as that.

But I wouldn’t want to stay there. For me, it’s just a good place to go and hang out during the weekend. That’s why going to spore is even more fun with friends. S.h.a.h may go on this trip but I’m not holding my breath. He could be busy with other things.

But I’d like to go and see m.u.r.s.h when I’m there. She gave birth to her second child (a boy)recently so it’d be nice to visit her. She and her husband and daughter came and had supper with me the last time I was there.

I don’t know the details of my trip yet. But hope I get to stay somewhere nice and get to see places. Can’t wait!


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