Smartie pants always inspire me

I have a confession to make. I woke up late and didn’t go for the morning walk that I had planned last night. I had slept at close to 2 a.m last night so I really shouldn’t have kid myself into thinking that I’d be up bright and early to do my exercise.

But my thighs are feeling the burn from last night’s brief yoga session. Which is good I guess. Should I attempt to do yoga again tonight? I’ll think about it.

I had lunch at s.h.a.n.g.r.i.l.a put.ra.ja.ya because I attended a scholarship presentation award ceremony to three bright malaysians who are around my age. The food was sedap but I have this rule of not stuffing myself while I’m working. So I limited my lunch to salmon, a bit of salad and dressing, and some desert, and water.

Anyways back to the function. I love talking to these smart alecs because they never fail to inspire me. Of course I also feel dumb next to them because they did their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at places like cambridge, oxford and harvard. But nevertheless, I love listening to their success stories.

Like this girl whom I interviewed today. She’s my age and like me, she just got married. But unlike me, she is a psychology lecturer at a local private college and is pursuing her doctorate at ne.w college, ox.for.d. She did all her previous degrees there too. She’s also a che.ve.ning scholar.

I could tell that she comes from a privileged (i.e she didn’t grow up poor) background but that’s beside the point. At least she’s not using up her family fortune to just cruise through her cushy life.

When this scholarship was launched last year, princess who covered the launch was very sceptic about the whole idea. Because the recipients won’t be bonded to the organisation which gives out these scholarships, she feels that the recipients would selfishly use the financial aid and never to be seen in malaysian soil again.

But having met the recipients and talked to them, I have a feeling that they will not forsake the country for citizenship of a developed country. I believe they’re good people who are rooted in Malaysia. I don’t know, I could be wrong. But I really wish them all the best.


2 thoughts on “Smartie pants always inspire me”

  1. You’ve always been so hardworking when it comes to getting fit! I know you can do it! As for me, it’s time that I start dieting so that I can eat as much as I like in Msia!

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