Fringe benefits

I haven’t got this “itch” in a long time. The itch or urge to have something done to my hair.

Right after school, I was obsessed with colouring my hair. Thank God that phase was brief because I look ill with mahagony copper hair.

In 2004, I was dying to rebond my hair. I only did it once and when I finally did, I couldn’t wait for my hair to go back to its curly self.

Now, I’m itching to have a fringe. The problem is, my hair is curly/wavy and I have cowlick. How? I’ve asked a hairdresser to give me a fringe before but she advised against it. I just need a side-sweeping fringe, not a full one. Takkan tak boleh?

I’m sick of how chubby I look in pictures. Short of dropping 20 pounds, could a fringe solve my problem?

I really need to do a thorough research on this.

On another note, some people have been asking me and my husband how married life feels. Frankly, I haven’t felt the difference yet. But I’m beginning to see how being too close can be rather claustrophobic.

It’s Sunday night, it’s close to midnight and I’m at his place and I don’t have to leave. Normally, we’d be spending some hours apart and we’ll meet for dinner or something. Now, we’re together 24/7. It’s both cool and cloying.

I can see how I will look forward to girls’ night outs from now on.

I’m not saying I’m already sick of spending so much time with him. But I’m the kind of person who appreciates her down time alone.

We’re both starting work again next week so we won’t be joined at the hips 24/7. Being apart a few hours a day will do us good. It will make us better partners to each other.


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