Life is otherwise non-eventful

It just dawned on me that I should also blog about what is happening in my life than just about my current guilty pleasure (i.e American Idol).

So, what’s new in my life?

1) I lost 9lbs from exercising and (a little bit of) dieting. My stomach portrude less these days because I do three killer moves for my abs. Now I have to work on more cardio to trim of the layers of fat on my stomach. Who knows, I could have strong muscles underneath all that fat. I am enjoying my Pilates, kick-boxing and Yoga videos. I have to say Yoga is my favourite of the three.

2) I am travelling to Brisbane, Australia for work from 02.04.06 to 08.04.06. I already know where I’m staying, so I surfed the Net for places that I could enjoy a long walk. There is a botanical garden near the hotel but the idea of walking alone is quite daunting. Maybe I’ll just bring my own VCD/DVD player and hook it to the TV in my hotel room so that I can do my workout in doors. I could probably do my walking at a nearby mall. That’s safer I think. Am looking forward to that trip. My last trip as a single person. Fancy that.

3) Kamm gave me a red/pink tank top and creme cropped jacket for my b-day! It came by mail last Saturday. I absolutely love them. I have worn the tank top but not the jacket. They don’t really suit my only fitting pair of jeans – which is a dark-coloured denim. It looks better with brown or khaki pants – which is in the laundry. I can barely fit into my old jeans because my waistline has expanded. So you know why I am working real hard to shed the pounds. Anyway, thanks again Kamm!

4) I have this ridiculous crush on Elliott Yamin, in case you didn’t know. Other people can’t stand seing him sing – not because he sounds awful but – because of his imperfect teeth. It bothers them, somehow. I am not bothered by that. In fact, I think he’s quite cute. Not traditionally but in his own way.

5) What else? Life is generally pretty non-eventful. I have loads of work and little motivation to tackle them. But someone’s gotta pay the bills.


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