Can you tell how much I like Elliot Yamin?

Ok… Melissa McGhee is out. Rather her than Elliott Yamin 🙂

I’m actually quite worried about Elliott. He’s extremely talented. He sings from his heart but he does not have, as mspillay puts it, “stage presence”.

Simon’s comments on Elliott: “You did a good rendition of Stevie Wonder’s song… but it was not great.”

If Elliott is not careful, Simon’s feedback to him will turn nastier by the week. And we don’t want that now do we?

Why doesn’t he have the Wow factor? Maybe it’s because he’s shy. Whatever it is, he needs to quickly learn the art of choosing the perfect song.

I must say that Ace actually has that ability. He chooses the right song EVERY time. His problem is he CAN’T SING. Maybe it’s time Elliott spends a little bit more time with Ace, to learn a thing or two from the guy.

Anyway, I was sms-ing mspillay the entire time watching the show’s re-run. Here are my observations on last night’s show:

1) I Do, I Do was perfect for Ace. His voice however was far from perfect.

2) I cringe every time Kellie opens her mouth. She embodies the real blond airhead.

3) My dearest Elliott gave another beautiful performance that was just a little bit short on “energy” and the “wow” factor. I worry for his fate – not this week or the next, but three or four weeks from now. I’m not too sure if he can survive that long. I love him and believe in his talent but he’s gotta do it on his own, you know what I mean? I know votes help but they can only help so much. He has got to find that Wow factor for himself so that the votes will come on their own.

4) Mandisa – She can sing but I wasn’t impressed much with her song choice or singing. It was OK.

5) Lisa Tucker – AI5’s version of Nadia Turner. Never liked Nadia + never “got” her voice = Don’t care much about Lisa + can’t get it when the judges rave about her. Won’t be losing sleep if she leaves the competition. Better her than Elliott, I say.

6) Bucky Covington – A genuine guy. I think he sings well but then again, I’ve never been much into country music. I agree with Simon – Bucky is opening act material, not the main attraction.

7) Katharine McPhee – I wish had her voice. She reminds me of Celine Dion. She’s got her own style but I don’t think she will win AI. I think it’s a guy’s year this year.

8) Paris Bennet – I wish I had her voice. I wish I had her confidence, too. I also wish I was in AI. But she’d better stop replying to Ryan’s questions by singing. It makes her seem full of herself.

9) Taylor Hicks – He is so inspirational. He makes all of his songs sound very inspirational. But I’d rather Elliott win and Taylor… hahaha

10) Kevin Covais – This guy is starting to annoy me. He’s developed a smart mouth too. It doesn’t pay to argue with Simon because those who do rarely stay in the competition for very long. I read somewhere that Kevin is the Scott Savol of this season. He’s going to stay in the contest because of sympathy votes and votes from people who want to spite Simon. We all know what happened to Scott Savol, don’t we?

11) Chris Daughtry – I genuinely think he’s a good singer. But I feel that AI is not his platform. He should have joined Rockstar:INXS. I wish him all the best. But if he won the show I’d be disappointed. Like I was when Carrie won. Not that I like Bo better than Chris. I just think the title should go to someone else.

12) Melissa McGhee – I thought she was average. She disappointed me when she did not even attempt to do any vocal gymnastics. Come to think of it, none of the contestants has actually demonstrated really impressive, ala Mariah vocal gymnastics skills. Someone should. How about you, Elliott?
I don’t know think Melissa got kicked out because she messed up the lyrics. I think she just doesn’t have a strong fan-base. I think people just can’t see anything great about her. The way I can’t see how she can even qualify to enter a beauty pageant because – no offence – she doesn’t look like Ayla, Katharine or Kellie – who are beauty pageant material.

That’s my 2-cent’s on AI. More coming next week.

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