Good Monday

I’m listening to Elliott Yamin’s songs which he sang in Workshop 1 and 2. Sigh, I can just melt!

I cannot wait for Wednesday when I can listen to his other song choice. I don’t dread Thursday so much because I know that Elliott is safe. He’s definitely going to the finals. For sure!

In the middle of listening to Moody’s Mood For Love (from workshop 2), Princess shocked me with some good news. Sabb Chantek, congratulations on the good news!

How do you feel? Promise me you’ll blog about your the process ok? Take care!

Oh, almost forgot to blog about last weekend. My boyfriend and I spent attending the kursus kahwin last weekend. It wasn’t so bad. I actually learnt some new things. It just took an awfully long time to finish.

Sunday was worse because we had to endure listening to talks from 8am to 7.30pm.
I didn’t make any new friends, either. The other girls just did not look interested to make friends. I CERTAINLY did not go there to make friends.

But we made it. Will be collecting our certificates this Wednesday.

Now that we have attended the kursus, everything about the wedding seems more real. We’re doing our HIV tests this week (compulsory for certain states), my boyfriend is submitting his form this week too.

On another note, I now have a PC on my work desk. I love it! Time to say adios to my “takes-seven-minutes-to-start” laptop (it’s on loan, not my own, thank God!).

P/S: I love Reese Witherspoon (picture) but I cannot say if I agree with her winning Best Actress. I’ll have to see her in Walk The Line before I can say she deserves the Oscar.

1 thought on “Good Monday”

  1. I will keep voting for Elliott. He is really talented and I hope he goes far. I had to agree with Simon though. This week he didn’t seem like he was connecting with the song he did. He sang it okay and his skills were fine, but he didn’t sell it to me. I can overlook it because I know he is talented, but I just worry he does not have the fan base that Ace or Taylor or someone else has and will miss out because of the superficial aspect of the competition.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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