Another sad story

Tell me something, do I have a face that says, “Cheat me/take advantage of me. Please!”?

Maybe, I do. It could also be that I am soft and people can tell from my face that it’s hard for me to say No to a poor soul.

So there’s this cleaner at my office who comes by to clean the wastepaper basket next to me. So we’d just exchange “Selamat pagi(s)” almost every day.

One day she asked me if I needed someone to help clean my house for a fee. I said I didn’t need to. Then she asked me if I knew of anyone who would. I said I wouldn’t know because no one talks to me about getting a part-time cleaner round their house.

Then she started giving me the sob story. According to her, she brings home RM500 a month and that’s not enough. Apparently, there is another cleaner (she cleans the office of the paper that cares) who has been offered to clean houses during the weekend. That’s where she got the idea.

Not being able to help much, I volunteered to post her number and services on our message board. She got a response but somehow nothing transpired.

You see the problem with this girl is, she’s not willing to go the distance to solve her problem. She wants to go and clean people’s houses but she needs the person to come and pick her up. I mean, if I can get a cleaner to come to my house on her own, why would I want to emplotysomeone who demands I pick them up. But that’s my thinking. Maybe some other employers are more kind-hearted.

Anyhow, one morning at around 9am-is, she came to me and out of the blue asked me, “Kak, boleh pinjamkan saya wang. Dalam Rm300 untuk ….. (fill in some cock and bull story here).”

Me: RM300? Saya tak cukup duitlah.
Cleaner: Kalau macam tu berapa boleh kakak beri? RM100 boleh?
Me: Errrr…. RM100 boleh lah kot? (what the hell is happening here? How did I even get dragged into this conversation?)
Cleaner: kakak gaji bila?
Me: (in my head: what the hell?) Belum gaji lagi lah…

And so went the conversation.

I had toruble sleeping that night. I was so mad at myself and her. Like… how dare she asked me those questions.

I’ve never asked people to loan me RM300…

Anyhow, I did not give her the money. She never came to ask from me again. Maybe because I have been avoiding her. I only come into the office at 10am although I reach the office at 8-ish. I would find a place at the reception area and read.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep up with my plan. One thing’s for sure, she ain’t getting my money. I know she’s poor but that doesn’t make me responsible for her.

To be honest, I think she’s lazy. She’s a cleaner but when she has to pick up loads of rubbish from the bin, she complains, loudly. She says things like Kerja banyak tapi gaji sikit.

But hello… that’s YOUR job. If you’re not happy, leave. End of story.


1 thought on “Another sad story”

  1. Don’t worry about it. If she does ask you again, just say you’re strapped for cash cos you’re busy spending money on your wedding, so you’re really the worst person to ask for money at the moment! If she still persists, be blunt and say fuck off before I call the security cos I feel that I’m being threatened/harrased! I had the same-ish problem during my last 2 weeks at the University Offices *sighs*

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