My American Idol

I know who my American Idol 5 is. It’s Elliott Yamin (right). Oh.My.God, can he sing.

After performing a heart-melting rendition of Stevie Wonder’s If You Really Love Me, Simon commented that Elliot is, by far, the best male singer in American Idol’s five season history. (Read the story here)

Better than Ruben? Whoa… that’s high praise!

But Elliott totally deserves the praise. He may not be a looker but when he sang, it was almost like someone had popped in a CD and he was miming to it … hahahaha!

He reminds me a bit of my boyfriend… I don’t know why. Oh I know why. Elliott’s face is oval/long, just like his. They have that same goofy look on their faces. But of course, my boyfriend can’t sing as well as Elliot or he’d be super famous by now.

On the Internet, someone commented that he should have gotten his teeth fixed before appearing on national TV. All I can say is, he can do all that and more when he’s all famous and has a hit CD. I’ll be among the first in Malaysia to buy it, I promise you that!

I did some reading on him on AI official website and I found out that he is diabetic!! He’s 27 and diabetic? Poor guy!

And he comes from Richmond, Virginia. It seems to be a big deal for some of the fans on the Internet. I don’t know squat about Richmond. Is it ulu (rural) or just a small town? Someone enlighten me. Or better yet, let me enlighten myself by googling about it on the Net.

Others who also did very well in the Male category were Ace – the pretty boy who chose the right song for his voice -, Taylor – the grey-haired guy with a wonderful personality – and Kevin – the boy who looks like a math genius. Kevin surprised and impressed me when he chose Bryan McKnight’s One Last Cry. Not Elliott level but quite impressive!

As for the girls, I am rooting for Paris and Katherine. I hope they’ll be in the Top 5. 🙂


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