Where were you on New Year’s Eve?

I spent new year’s eve in M with some friends. I danced a bit, something that I haven’t done in a L-O-N-G time. Sekali-sekala best gak! The “DJ” played a lot of rave songs which are not really my cuppa. But, hentam je lah.

Ironically, my “dancing” partner, who loves to go out dancing more than me, could not keep up. Must be the booze. So the teetotal me ended up having more fun than the “clubber”.

To be honest, it was not really a NY eve to remember or anything. It was just biasa-biasa je. Wish we had done something more exciting. Like, I dunno, light some firecrackers or something. A BBQ would have been great too.

But no… the people I were with wanted to get themselves wasted. So, a BBQ would have been a waste because they would end up hurling whatever they had consumed before the night is over anyway. That’s one thing I don’t understand about drinkers. They drink the night away and then puke their gut out. Seriously, is it worth it to get that drunk?

If they really don’t mind puking, maybe they should try getting pregnant and getting morning sickness. Then they can puke every day! I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!

Ok, I’m just being a nag.

On hindsight, maybe I should have gone to see Peterpan in concert. My brother who had only listened to one or two songs of the group decided to see the concert with his friend. They had a great time. He is a total Peterpan convert now.

That’s the ironic part about it. I know the words to (some) Peterpan songs but had no real desire to go and watch the concert. Then again, I’m not THAT into them. But I do adore Ku Katakan Dengan Indah. I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. And I love the video clip. The whole groupie idea behind the clip. Quite cool.

Alas, my “dancing” partner wanted to have a”blasted” NY eve. And I wanted to be with my dancing partner, irregardless of what we would be doing that night. I think that is what NY eve should be about, being with people you love.

1 thought on “Where were you on New Year’s Eve?”

  1. I know what you mean, but I used to be that drunkard person! It felt nice to forget all my troubles and just feel high for that night. But when I saw how ugly, embarrassing, and degrading these people became, I stopped. I WISH I could have a bbq to celebrate NY but it’s toooooo cold out here 😦

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