The boy is mine

Boyfriend and I discussed the “touchy-feely” matter yesterday over some sushis. Some Ching ching (money) was deposited into my account (I think it’s the year-end bonus) so I thought I’d treat myself and boyfriend to something nice. We have sushi whenever we feel like splashing out.( And I also got myself a perfume… I’ll get to that subject in a bit.)

Anyhow, predictably, boyfriend said I have nothing to worry about and “it’s not like I see her very often”. That’s true. I have to agree with him on that. The last time they met (and also the first time I met her) it was when boyfriend and I were just going out. Way before the whole Japan trip. So that was a long, long time ago.

So, I can understand if she “wants” him all to herself and doesn’t need me around. I understand that. But that doesn’t mean she can treat him like her own teddy bear. A goodbye hug or one to say “Hi! I’ve missed you so much!” is fine. She can even do it in front of me. I swear I’d be fine.

But try a hug and a hand squeeze every few seconds mid-conversation and she’s got something else coming from me!

I don’t care if you think of him as your younger brother. He’s not 3 years old!

Actually, I don’t buy this “she treats me like a younger brother” thing. Somehow, I seriously doubt she does that to her own brother. I could be way off her but I think she regards him as the “spare boyfriend”.

I mean, it’s possible right? He had a crush on her and she loved the attention that she was getting from him.Yet she was still pursuing other people. And then he found someone else. All of a sudden, she was not getting that attention from him anymore. Suddenly, she misses it. So, whenever they meet, she craves for the attention and starts squeezing him like a stress ball…….

Ok, I’m just making that situation up. But it’s possible, right? The “missing the attention” bit, I mean. If it can happen in the movies (My Best Friend’s Wedding), it sure can happen in real life.

But there’s no use stressing about it. Boyfriend is, after all, STILL with ME. And I now smell extra delicious thanks to my new perfume Escada Rockin Rio.

I tried a bunch of perfumes last night and by the time I left the counter with my purchase, I was smelling like Paris Hilton on the day she fell into a pool of perfume. J/k.

For some strange reason, the salesgirl with a lisp was trying to push me to buy Paris Hilton’s first perfume. If I was trying to be polite, I would have bought it. But I wasn’t in the mood to be polite. So I “bullied” her and asked her to spritz a whole bunch of scents for me.

At least I now know how certain perfumes smell like. For eg, Dunhill for men smells nicer than the female version. Euphoria smells too woody/spicy for my liking. Paris Hilton’s smells like Ralph – it has that coconut oil “after smell” aka tengik.

I have to admit that Paris Hilton smell better after a while. But I need a perfume whose smell I love from the beginning and not 30 minutes later.

Whatever it is, I’m loving my Rockin Rio. It was actually recommended to me by another salesperson. She said the smell is strong and long-lasting. I didn’t know that it smells like mango but I like it. I just like smelling like food … hehehe…. Mangos are one of my favourite fruits so I don’t mind.

Anyway, I will be looking for my wedding shoes after work. I’m checking out ninewest. See if they have nice shoes there.



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