‘Tis the season for weddings

Today is an All-my friends-are-getting-married day.

In the morning, I read an e-mail from a good friend who recently tied the knot. To me, her matrimonial union can be considered bittersweet.

She is married to her first love but at the price of possibly never being in good terms with her father again. I won’t go into details because I’m in no position to tell her story. My friend has always been a private person so she wouldn’t like me telling her life story for her, anyway.

Whatever it is, I’m so glad they are finally married. In a way, I’m also happy that I’m not in her shoes.

Hours later, I got a wedding invitation from Sham, the girl who went to Japan with me. It’s funny that she didn’t even have a boyfriend when we were in Japan over a year ago. Now, she’s getting married months before me. No, I don’t feel like I must compete with her or anything. Quite frankly, I’m glad that I have a good six months or so before I walk down the aisle.

Sham will get hitched just a week after my colleague J – who is the most relaxed bride-to-be I’ve ever met. Wonder if I’ll be as cool as her when my turn comes.

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