A note to G.C from Ipoh

Dear G.C from Ipoh,

Look what you’ve made me do. I didn’t want to comment about Msian Idol 2 but I couldn’t just sit in silence after reading your letter in the L.T.T.E page (p20) in the newspapers today.

Just admit it. You have the hots for N*ta. Or otherwise, you wouldn’t say that she’s “a victim of commercialism”.

N*ta? The victim? Please….

To be honest, I don’t think Dan*el should be the Idol this year too. But I’m not about to give the title to N*ta either. She can hardly sing (just slightly better than Dan*el which is not good enough considering she’s been a club singer for what? 8 years? To sing “slightly better” than Dan*el is not a compliment, mind you) and she can’t even string a single, proper sentence – in Malay or English.

I mean, did you hear her answers to J* En’s and Ch3ryl’s questions? Appaling!!! I cringed so many times listening to her.

Seriously G.C, your argument is weak. Let’s all just admit it.

MI2 sucked from the beginning. No one in Top 24 (or whatever) deserved to be The Idol. We just had to choose the less rotten from a basket full of rotten apples.

Too bad it had to be Dan*el. But if you asked me, I’m glad it wasn’t N*ta. Please, anyone BUT her….


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