My precious


I ALMOST lost one of my precious LOTR rings just now. I was at MV, after getting out of the toilet after watching a movie premier, on the walkalators in front of that jewelry store to meet up with my friend at the car park.

In front of me was a lady with a rather heavy shopping trolley in front of me and behind me two gentlemen. When the lady got to the end of the walkalator, she couldn’t push her shopping cart of the walkalator. I tried to help her, lest I end up being sandwiched between her and the gentlemen. Sekali, one of my rings slipped off my finger and fell on the walkalator!

Being the mini-drama queen me, I exclaimed, “(Gasp) My ring!” as it fell on the walkalator.

Nasib baik it did not get stuck. It was a bit tricky trying to collect it but after strunggling for 10 seconds, I managed to retrive it.

The lady apologised profusely. I just said, not a problem, because it wasn’t her fault at all. I suppose it they are a little bit loose for my wedding finger. The fit snuggly on my index finger but I don’t want to wear them there!

Sigh… and I was planning to lose a few kgs in time for the wedding. What happens after I slim down? They’ll just slip off my finger for sure…

But then again, I’ll have a new ring for that… hehehehe… (rubbing hands gleefully).

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