The Ring

I got engaged last weekend. As funny as it sounds, getting engaged is one of those things that I didn’t think would ever happen to me.

When you have older siblings who are in their 30s and 40s and still single, you begin to wonder if you will ever get married.

I knew two weeks ago that his family (ie parents, uncles, aunts and cousins) would come to meet my family and give me a cincin tanda. Yet, when it happened, I was still”caught of guard”.

It’s weird I should feel that way. I mean, I have been dating my boyfriend for close to two years so getting engaged (which takes us one step closer to marriage) can be seen as a “natural” thing to do.

The idea is just slowly sinking in, though. Just the other day, Princess, instead of addressing my boyfriend using his name, referred to him as my fiance.

My what?

Oh right… he is my fiance. We did get engage less than a week ago and I have the white gold ring to prove it.

I really like my ring too. Actually, there are two thin, identical bands. Under the light, they sparkle like diamonds. I’ve received some compliments from friends. The comments range from “Pretty” to “Cute”.

It’s a good thing that I adore my rings because I’m really not a “ring” person. I don’t wear them because I think they feel stiff against my skin. Sometimes they do get the in the way.

But they are my engagement ring so I am obliged to wear it most of the time, if not ALL of the time.

I don’t know if this is purely psychological but the band, especially the fact that the rings feel unnatural against my skin, reminds me of the new “phase” I have entered. They constantly remind me that I have made a commitment to someone and it is for real.

I half wish that my boyfriend also gets an engagement ring so that he, too, would be reminded of our new status.

Someone asked me the other day what it feels to be “engaged” and I told her that I’m still adjusting to the idea.

Like people referring to my boyfriend as “my fiancee”. And I feel squeemish about introducing him to people as “my fiancee”. Ewww. I’m not obliged to do that now, am I?

I’m still getting used to the idea. Things have changed in little ways. We don’t articulate it but in little ways, our love and affection for each other are stronger.

Amazing how two little white bands can bring new meaning to a whole relationship.


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