What is it with Malaysian kids these days? Nak jad…

What is it with Malaysian kids these days? Nak jadi omputeh ke.. posting pictures of themselves kissing and doing other intimate things on personal websites?

They know their families are gonna flip when they see those pictures, yet why post them on the Internet for family members to stumble upon?

They think they’re being smart by putting all sorts of computer effects on the pictures but obviously not doing a very good job at it because they are still recognisable. Hello! I know it’s u and your boyfriend!

I’ve seen a couple of these intimate/personal pictures. The earlier ones belonged to strangers. But just a minute ago, I found pictures of someone I know (who’s much younger than me) engaged in a kiss with the bf. What’s worst is that I found them in her blog – which everyone has access to!!

Can’t they be contented with doing it (kissing, caressing etc) behind closed doors (or, at least, behind bushes)? Must these Internet generation capture those intimate moments in digital form and upload them on their personal blogs? Perlu ke?

Since I know the older brother of this girl that I’m talking about, I am so tempted to be a “party pooper” orang tua yg dengki and tell on her. I’ve been in a rotten mood these past few days, I think I just might.

Call me old-fashion but there is something about posting pictures of you in intimate moments is just not on. It’s self-damaging. It’s evidence and it could be used against you. It’s one thing to have someone snap those pictures of you (say a papparazzi) and quite another to take such pictures YOURSELF and post them on the Internet.

Orang kata, kalau nak buat jahat tu kenalah pandai sikit cover. Tapi the kids these days are hardly smart about covering up their tracks. Nama je generasi internet…


2 thoughts on “What is it with Malaysian kids these days? Nak jad…”

  1. “Nak jadi omputeh ke.”…what does that mean? I don’t think it’s wrong, unless it’s plain pornography. And I don’t think it has anything to do with “omputeh” and their culture. If Harlan’s parents see a picture of us online doing more than kissing (i.e. wedding pics) or hugging, they would feel disgusted as well.

  2. I suppose it is unfair to link PDA (public demonstration of affection) ONLY to “omputeh”. Yes, it does have a lot to do with ones upbringing and not their race or ethnicity. Only some practices are more common with certain ethnicities.

    On hindsight, associating omputeh with PDA is like associating Muslims with terrrorism – which is unfair. So, I apologise for that.

    Yes, it is not pornography but it is taboo. The point that I’m trying to make in my blog is that these kids have to be smart about what they do.

    I wish that Malaysian parents would relax about their teenage kids kissing and stuff but that’s not likely going to happen soon.

    So what are the odds of them being happy when they see their “babies” sharing an innocent kiss on the Internet? My guess is not very good.

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