I’ll take my chances

I’m in a quandry.

I was very excited that I’ve written my first “tell-all” story about an up-and-coming singer but now I’m not so sure whether I should have angled my story the way I did.

To be fair to myself, I got it from the horses mouth (not that I snooped around or spied to get the story) and she had given a verbal OK for the story to be published. Otherwise, she would have said, “I’m telling you this in confidence and this is off the record. So this is NOT FOR PRINT”.

My conscience was clear when I wrote the article yesterday. But I got mixed feelings about it when the editor read it and had a negative thought about it just now.

“You’re sure ah the person won’t come and sue us?!”

Well, she did say (and I got it on tape) that “perhaps other people can relate to what I am going through”. I’m just stating the facts in my article, I didn’t embellish it to make it sensational.

But I am concerned that this particular girl’s intention will be misunderstood, especially by the people she loves. She means well but some people might not like her membuka pekung di dada.

On a journalistic POV, it is a good story and any paper would be crazy not to pick it up. I’m glad she chose to share her story with me yet I feel slightly guilty for having to be the one writing it.

I’m really torn but I think I’ll take my chances and let the story “be told”. I am a reporter after all and I cannot write happy, positive stuff all the time.

Some might be inspired by the story, some might be disgusted by it. I’ll take my chances.

2 thoughts on “I’ll take my chances”

  1. This up-and-coming female singer is a contestant in a currently running reality talent show.

    So, technically, she is not a singer yet. But I have no doubts about her releasing an album in the near future.

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