How ironic!

Some time back, my office used to have this really kepala angin (hot headed) pixman named SR. He was a pain in the neck, man. Coming from someone like me who likes to give people allowances, you had better take my word for it.

When he was still around, I don’t think anyone was spared from his erratic mood swings. I don’t know why he was like that. But I suspect he had all this pent up rage and dissatisfaction in him that caused him to throw tantrums on a regular basis. Whoever got him as a pixman, at that time, had better be prepared for his wrath.

I used to hate him with a passion. But funnily enough, one day I got a ride back to the office from him. It was raining and he was the pixman assigned to cover my assignment so… tough luck lah, had to tumpang him. In the car, I just listened to him rant and rave about some people in the office and just kept my opinions to myself. I made sure that I did nothing to provoke his anger.

Then one day he left the main office, never to be seen or heard from again. I didn’t bother to ask anyone about him because frankly, I was glad not having to deal with him EVER again.

But today, unannounced, he came back to the office!

You would never guess what he is doing these days. He is the PR officer for the “kami ahli pengakap muda”… hahahaha… I am NOT KIDDING!

SR a PRO? That is a reporter’s worst nightmare. He seems more relaxed now. I see that he has put on a bit of weight and projects a more sunny disposition – quite different from the fire-breathing dragon that he was!

Those poor little girl and boy scouts! Well, better them than me!


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