Hot and bothered

I really hate it when I recall an old song but I can’t remember the title. Don’t you? It’s the same with a movie title or the name of a forgotten actor or actress.

So, I’m having one such problem at the moment. See, I have been trying to figure out the title of a Phil Collins song he released possibly in his 1989-album, which I had just re-discovered, called But Seriously.

I don’t recall the title of the song but I do remember bits and pieces of the video. From what I recall of the video, I think the song addresses the issue of incest/abuse. The video showed a father (or stepfather come to think of it) entering his son’s darkened room, his son sleeping on his bed and the father closed the door behind him. Moments later, the room lit up again and the father walked out of the room buckling his belt and the son quivering under his sheets.

Later in the video, it was shown that the son ran away from home and became a homeless person.

The video made such an impact on me that I still think about it some 15 years later. (Gad, has it been THAT long? Terasa tua pulak tiba2. To be fair to myself, I was only 11 in 1989).

I know for sure that the song is not Another Day In Paradise. It’s a different song. Don’t worry… I’mma find out. If it’s anything I’m good at, it’s “researching”.

I hope that one day, I’ll get to hear that song and see the video again, maybe through the Internet. That’s why I loooove my Launchcast Radio so much right now. It allows me to listen to my current and old (really old) favourites while I do my work. Ahh… bliss!


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