I did it!

Haha… told ya I’d rock Istana Hotel on Friday night!

There were supposed to be 16 of us singing that night. But as expected, only 6 turned up and yours truly was Idol No 2 🙂

I knew the host, Dee of local early 1990s sitcom Jangan Ketawa would ask me about my unique name. So I told him I am Orang Asli.. yada yada yada… Then I was asked to sing my song which was Percayalah (Siti Nurhaliza).

I tried to remain calm but my breathing was still way too heavy for my liking. I thought my voice was a little shaky. I actually got one line mixed up but other than that, I got through the whole ordeal ALIVE!

I was lucky to be the second contestant because the suspense of waiting for my turn was not there anymore after I sang. I half half sure that I’d be in but I don’t want to jinx myself.

So for the finals this coming Friday, I’m going to (again) practice, make an effort to groom myself (got my brother to “transform” me into Kris Dayanti. Am singing Ku Tak Sanggup mah…!), do the best on stage and hope for the best.

I’d kill for the RM1k first prize, hamper and trip. But I know it will only be mine if it is MY rezeki. Pray for me y’all!


1 thought on “I did it!”

  1. Hey doll, I WON’T be suprised at all if you win the first prize!! Take some pics, PLEEEEEEEEEASE.
    oh yea, I got my finals results…..weeeeeeeeeeeee.

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