Nothing but rednecks

I heard the horrible news this morning via sms. I knew it was coming but I was still shocked when I heard the news.

Why can’t America vote for Bo???!!!!

Come on…. North Americans! Americans aren’t supposed to be boring. Isn’t life all about rock and roll, drugs, booze and sex? Bah!

America wouldn’t have voted for Carrie for Idol if Constantine was still in the competition. I swear, American Idol lost its glitter the moment the lights went dim that fateful night.

But wait a second. Americans were also the ones who “voted” him out, saving their votes for wimps like Scotty “the-so-called-body” Saval and Anthony “American Dream” Federov.

So now look at what American Idol Finale has become. An even worse show than Malaysian Idols Spectaculars.

It’s too late. No point crying over spilt milk.

Whatever it is, Constantine Maroulis, YOU ARE STILL MY IDOL!

1 thought on “Nothing but rednecks”

  1. Is Constantine the rock guy, with long hair? I didn’t like him, he left his band to be on the show, how lame and sellout is he?

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