It’s ba-ack!

I think we already know by now who is going to win the Ame*rican I*dol. My money is on B*o Bi*ce.

I didn’t need to see AI the other day to know that Von*zel would be eliminated this week. Can pretty much tell the voting pattern already.

So when the show ends in two week’s time, how will you spend your Wednesday and Friday nights? Don’t worry, Msian Idol is ba-ack!! Next Friday on 8T*V, that is.

I went to the first MI press conference this morning (at Sri Pen*tas) just to have a look, see. I actually passed the chance to watch Hou*se of Wa*x to go to this PC, can you believe it? Go watch a movie for free or pay cab fare to attend a PC (for a story I don’t need to write – yet)?

Anyways, quite glad I went because I got to spend some time with the hilarious Shu*ib and Su*zan.

You can always expect a very informal PC from the coolest TV station in town. During his speech, Iz*ham (the COO) said that they don’t know yet whether the second MI will be a girl or boy or a cross between a girl and a boy (haha!).

The speeches from sponsors were also very impromtu. BP said it wanted to be a part of the show to help find young Msian talents whereas Cle*an & Cle*ar said that the idols epitomise the characteristics of a clean and clear user – young, bold, confident people. The Japanese guy from Toshiba was funny. Realising that his Engrish was not as fluent as the others, he poked fun at himself and said, “I hope you will not tell me to go bak and learn Engrish”.

He ended his speech with:“We want to wish all participants the very best of luck to achieve your greatest dreams to appear on the TV screens, again and again, preferably a Toshiba tv screen, all over Msia and all over the world.

The Pep*si guy was ok. But I think he loves the sound of his own voice too much. He was the one who gave the longest speech.

There were some pretty interesting questions asked during the PC. One reporter actually asked whether 8T*V will do a background check on the contestants in lieue of S*cott Sa*vol’s case (he has a criminal record). The producer (the Indian chap) didn’t give a straight answer. He only said that the judges will be more stringent in selecting the right candidates during the Theatre Elimination stage. Frankly, (if he had been caught off guard by the Q) he should have expected it. I mean, I expected it. Come on, ppl watch American Idol and surely they are going to compare it with MI.

Paul Moss — I don’t know why — said that he’s very sceptical of the allegations. Come on, it’s real. It really did happen. You should surf the Internet more, Paul and drop by some blogs devoted to the latest AI season. You can actually see his mugshot. What other proof do you need?

In a nutshell, the judges warned us not to expect another Jac because that ain’t happening.

Roslan said: There is only one Jac. But he did say that there are a lot more better singers this time around.

Izham says that a good number of those who qualified so far have had vocal training. So that means, they have prepared well for the competition.

So, is there anything new we can expect from the show? For one, expect the contestants to sing backed up by a live band during the Spectaculars. When I head this I immediately thought of Sri Pentas 2 at Plaza Alam Sentral. Is there enough room for a band on the stage? Will they need to change the venue? I hope not. It’s so close to home!

Second of all, Izham is keeping mum on the themes. He admitted that the MI team made the mistake of deciding on the themes too early. “We learnt our mistakes,” he says. I told him that I hope they won’t make the theme too general like what happened in the AI.

It’s not very wise to choose themes like City and Country songs. That is so biased! They are giving Carrie an advantage there.

Thridly, there is a new MI advert that I’m sure people will love. At the same time, I think some people are going to find fault with it. I’ll give you a hint. It involves a mom singing a lullaby to her daughter. I think you can pretty much guess what happens next. It IS a Msian Idol advert after all. Well, since Msian Idol, everyone is a critic.

In the Swk auditions show, Paul made a statement which was uncalled for. He actually asked a contestant – “can you lose 40kg and grow 5-inches taller?” Paul, you know better than to say that!

Well, that’s my report on the MI season 2. I can’t wait for the show to start. Kind of regret it that I didn’t go for the auditions but I guess I don’t want to enter the contest that badly. Otherwise, I’d be thinking about songs to sing and the costume already by now.

Watch this space for more updates.


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