Yesterday, I followed B and his family to his childhood friend’s wedding in Tam*an S*ri And*alas, K*lang. B calls her E*rin like Broco*vich and she is 24 this year, his age.
There was a huge turnout at the kenduri. Either E*rin is Ms Popular in the housing area or there were no other weddings to attend at that present moment. My guess is the latter. Many Malay families schedule their weddings during the school holidays.
Nevertheless, it was a nice wedding. Instead of the boring bunga telur, they give out kipas made of sandalwood to the guests as souvenirs. I thought it was a practical idea considering how hot and humid the weather is these days.
The buffet menu was surprisingly simple. I have seen a much elaborate spread during bukak puasa. There were of course the oily kenduri kawin type of food but instead of your usual dalca, ayam masak merah etc, they had sambal sotong, gulai daging, gulai air nenas (the colour of the kuah was much like kuah asam pedas) and ayam goreng.
What I liked most about the menu was that they had a sudut ulam and condiments. They didn’t have much sayur but the ulam and sambal belacan, tempoyak, budu and cencaluk more than made up for it. I took a big lump of tempoyak because I haven’t had it in a while. I love tempoyak! I hate durian but I LOVE my sambal tempoyak!
We managed to catch the two mempelais and the silat routine. I have never met E*rin but I liked her make-up that day. Her tanned make up reminded me of Mariah Carey. Note to self: must get Mariah Carey make-up on own wedding day!
Anyway, on the way back, me and B sat at the back while his sister T*in and Sa*ra were in front. His parents, youngest sis, their aunt and her toddler daughter were in the other car.
His youngest sis told us that apparently, his mom was planning out (mine and) B’s wedding – what menu to have and what souvenirs to give to the guests the entire journey back from the wedding. She had this idea about giving people Surah Yassin but apparently that’s not an original idea so she’s going to think of something else.
No wonder his parents were interrogating me about my family etc during dinner at last night. When B’s mom asked him when he’s getting married, and he said in three years, she said, “You’re getting married next year!”
I guess I have resigned to the idea of marrying B. It’s just a question of when and also how he will propose to me. I hope he WILL propose to me. I mean, he may already know that I’m going to say “yes” but I hope he will not take that for granted and not go on bended knees to pop the question.
My friend Z has a fairy-tale kind of proposal. B probably cannot top off what Z’s husband did for her but surely he can think of something along the lines of “Stepmom”s proposal would do for me! 🙂

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