And you call yourself a book fair?

I was at the KL Book Fair this afternoon with my older sister and brother. I wanted to get some English novels and was hoping to get them cheaper there. I was pretty disappointed to find out that I could only get a 10 percent discount.
Seriously, what is the point of going to a book fair and not get crazy, out-of- this-world discounts? If people can get great bargains during PC Fairs, why not at the KL Book Fair?
I was quite pissed when I was told that I couldn’t get a book that I wanted to buy – the only copy available at the time with the bottom right of the cover a little bent and the sides damaged – for cheaper. I could only get 10 per cent off the book despite its poor condition. It’s ridiculous. Don’t you think I deserve to get more than just 10 per cent for it?
I think the book fair is just a big con job. I’m a member of Popular Bookstore so I might as well pop by the nearest outlet for my novels. At least I am guranteed a 10 per cent off any normal priced books all year round.


2 thoughts on “And you call yourself a book fair?”

  1. Mmmm, bargain books are hard to come by in Msia, from my experience. What book is it? Hey, I’m finishing uni for good in a week’s time!

  2. The book is called The Whispering Road by Livi Michael.

    I know you’re about to finish Uni. My sister has also just completed her HR degree programme at uit*m and F*aridz’s cousin JJ just completed her MBA.

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