Just thought I’d share with you something which I was told some time back.
One malam khamis in 1999, a bunch of friends and I decided to play “Spir*it, Spirit of t*he coin”, that ala Ouija board “game”. It’s funny I should refer to it as a game when it is such a creepy and dangerous “game” to be played.
What happens during a game of SSOTC is that we simulate an Ouija board (draw letters, numbers etc) and then place a coin in the middle of the piece of paper. Everyone or just one person from the group should summon the spirits to come and answer our questions. The spirit is to spell out the answers by moving the coin to the relevant letters.
Apparently, one of my friends had read some kind of jampi serapah in order for us to get the good “souls”.
I was single then and when my turn came to ask questions, I naturally asked about my future boyfriend.
I was told that my future boyfriend’s name is Fari*d, he is from NS and he wears glasses.
Fast forward to 2003, I met a boy named Fari*dz whose dad hailed from Negri Sembilan and whose entire family wear glasses.
I should be taking this whole SSOTC business with a pinch of salt but sometimes I can’t help but to wonder…


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