Be Very Afraid Of The Dark

I have found one new reason to be afraid of being in the dark. It’s called Darkness Falls.
I was filling my income tax form at home when I got an SMS from mspillay informing me that Darkness Falls is playing on HBO. The title sounded vaguely familiar but because I trust mspillay and her taste in movies, I asked my brother to switch channels.
It didn’t take long for me to recall what the movie is all about. Darkness Falls is a tale of a scary “tooth fairy” who haunts the people of Darkness Falls. Some 150 years ago, she was publicly executed by the townsfolk who claimed she was responsible for 2 children who went missing.
Apparently, she has good rapport with the kids because she gives them pennies in exchange for their baby tooth. Hence the nickname tooth fairy.
Before they killed her, they publicly humiliated her by taking off the porcelein mask which she uses to cover her badly burnt face caused by a fire. So this is a classic case of “blame the town freak” for all things that go wrong.
So not only was she wrongly accused but her ego was also bruised. She cursed the town people and vowed to haunt the town for generations.
About 150 years, mental tooth fairy is still killing children and adults who accidentally lay their eyes on her.
But she has a weakness which is bright lights. As long as you’re in a well-lited place, you are safe. But as soon as you’re in the dark, you’re history.
I like the “stay in the light” concept of the movie, although it’s not very original. But I don’t agree with the reasons why she kills.
Firstly, why must she kill those who have seen her? What did they do wrong? She must have a very low self-esteem to be killing people for that reason *snigger*.
Secondly, she seems to bend her “killing rules” a lot. Although she was supposed to kill only people who have “made eye contact” with her, it seems that those who haven’t (like the nurses at the hospital) are also killed. So to me, she kills people randomly which makes her pure evil and a spirit which shouldn’t be empathised with. (hehehe)
Part of the rule is to kill only those who are in the dark, right? When that little boy was up to his nose inside that dark MRI/CAT scan machine, audience can hear her menacing laugh/voice from within the machine. So why did she just ravish his lower half? She could snatch the nurses when their bodies were half in the dark, so she certainly had the chance to hurt the boy but she didn’t.
Besides, aren’t MRI/Cat scanners are supposed to be lited?
Darkness Falls has good shocks. But some of the shocks are clearly “forced” because they defy logic. I think script writers and directors should not bend their own rules so much because even spirits have limits. Unless it is explained in the movie that the spirits have been “released” and therefore given the “power” to go further than they are allowed to.


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