Bad press

U*T*M had received so much bad press of late that its staff jump at event the mere mention of the words “journalist” and “interview”.

I just got a call from its registrar, H, a young lady with an androgynous Arabic name. She made the call with an accusatory tone to her voice. She asked me why I had been speaking to the VC about what we had spoken about earlier that afternoon.

I called the lady, H, earlier to find out more about the uni’s in-house scientific exhibition. The event has been going on for seven years. Although it has progressed by leaps and bounds, one thing remains the same: poor industry response.

The industry – the ppl who matter most to the researchers – are just not interested to come.

U*T*M has done several things, including sending out invitation letters to the industry but the head honcho’s were probably too busy playing golf to notice the letters.

And the 2nd time she called me, she wanted to know why I called her big boss.

I taruk her properly, if you will. She ended the call by apologising to me.

Me? I’m still fuming, unable to comprehend how she could even think that I want to make an issue out of something which is a non-issue.

Is the fact that s&t exhibition halls are normally empty a sensational issue?

Not at all when you compare it to the headline in U*T*U*S*A*N or H*M last month which read something : “1000 glue-sniffing students at U*T*M”.

I am totally shocked that she accused me of trying to get her into trouble.

Hey man, I’m just doing your dumbass uni a favour! You should be grateful that the newspaper would even provide an inch of a column for your uni.

Tu lah… govt people who are not media savvy… cepat sgt melatah pasal benda2 yang remeh. And they have the cheek to call me and ask me for an explanation.

I was thisclose to asking her, “Do I need to ask your permission to talk to ur VC?” But I didn’t because it sounds petty.

Nasib baik she apologised in the end.

Sigh…. what a waste of my time.. when I should have been able to use that precious time to complete the article. To think that I actually volunteered to send her a copy of the article b4 to go through. Some ppl are just so ungrateful…


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