Rumours have been circulating around the editorial section that us journos will be getting a maximum of RM1k this weekend. It’s not X-G, just some kind of token or duit raya, I guess.

A lot of ppl I know said that they will only believe it when they see it. I guess I’m on their side of the fence.

But of course I will check my bank account this weekend!

I’m quite happy to hear the news. This is the 2nd good news so far. The first was that Bf will be getting his pay (x2) because he started at SFC late last month. Good for him and good for me!

Money has been tight for about a year now. Ever since I got back from Japan, to be precise. It’s made worse because I’ve been helping bf a lot. I won’t go into details but I’ve been helping him out financially because he earns pittance. But this job at SFC is paying quite a lot. The OT rate is also quite high unlike at his two previous work places. You’d be surprised to know how little those ppl I.K.E.A earn. For the amount of cash they bring home every month, they qualify as slaves. 🙂

Right now, I need any extra cash that I can get my hands on. Apparently, so does everyone else at the office. But I hope that I won’t have to use that (almost) RM1k. For once, I want to save the bonus that I get.

But we’ll see whether that actually happens. 🙂


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