CSI:NY…. Y????

Last night, managed to catch CSI:NY. Have been looking forward to the show for a while now. Knew it was going to be on Tues but completely forgot about it until sis yelled from the TV room, “Hey, it’s CSI:NY!”

I like Gary Sinise ever since I saw him in Forrest Gump playing the paraplegic Lt Dan. So was v curious to see him as the head of a CSI team.

Am a big, big fan of CSI and am quite familiar with its er…”format”. Can pretty much tell between a good CSI episode and a bad one.

Have to say that CSI:NY’s pilot episode was a let down. I felt like watching Millennium (remember that really dogdy show – poor imitation of the X-Files?) or an alien-related episode of the X-Files (which I really hate).

It was about a Russian MD (yeah, typical of Americans to make Russians the baddies) who assaulted several women and conducted experiments on them to “trap” them in their own bodies. Sounds like an interesting plot, right? Wrong. It was boring and the ending was ala-ala tergantung. A pilot episode should be strong and definite. It should hook viewers like CSI:LV got me hooked.

Never mind that I hated Grissom’s guts because he was the know-it-all boss. But that’s just him. He may not know all, but he does know a lot.

CSI:M, I must admit, took a while to grow on me. Frankly, I still haven’t memorise the staff’s names. I only know Horatio. But CSI:M is a good substitute for CSI:LV.

But am not going to discount CSI:NY. I believe in the quality of a CSI “franchise”. I guess it’s a little bit like McD. Here we have Prosperity Burger and in the UK they have (if I recall correctly) McBacon and McDoughnut. In Japanese MCds, wasabi dip is a perennial dip, not in Msia although we had it for a bit while McD was promoting the Fish nuggets.

Enuff about McD’s. Makes me hungry for a Big Mac.

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