Damn, I missed it!

I don’t know why I was so nervous. The interview with President Jackson went well. She was so, so, so nice. Very down-to-earth. RPI press kit is so pretty. It’s fire engine red and has a silver seal.

But because I went to this assignment, I missed the opportunity to go for tea with my long-time crush (provided Princess invited me in the first place lah).

Apparently, Princess, Ratu and Sab Cantek went for tea with SM. Princess said that he’s more humble and sweet these days….

Sigh… wish I was there. I have barely spoken two words to him in the past… er… four years. I am pathetic. But I go really weird when I am around guys I like. For some reason, my crushes tend to be my friends. SM hasn’t turned into a “friend” yet. I’m not even sure he knows I exist. 🙂 Well, I know he does. We’ve been introduced. But let’s just say that if I left the company, he wouldn’t really notice until a year later… Hahaha…

But actually, I’m not so sure if I want to be in “talking terms” with him. I admit, I made a risky decision when I decided to announce my crush on him.

But benda dah lepas… nak buat cam ne?

But what if he knows? Damn .. malu jer…


2 thoughts on “Damn, I missed it!”

  1. Oh Kamm… you do know him. You just forgot because I have not mentioned him in a while.

    I used to call him “the man with a million green shirts” 🙂

    I won’t mention anymore details because some people from the office actually read this blog 🙂

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