You’re my only hope

I swear, Mandy Moore gets/does the best ballads. I never get tired of I Wanna Be With You and Only Hope. I love Mariah Carey and I think her voice is amazing but her ballads don’t give me goosebumps the way Only Hope does.

I do think that Mandy has a “weak, wafer-thin” voice that would easily make her the target of Simon Cowell’s acid tongue if she ever became an American Idol contestant, especially this season.

Having said that, she can sing backed-up by a live band. I personally think that’s a difficult feat. It’s wayyyy harder than singing karaoke. I have seen her in her Session@AOL “live” performance which came with the Mandy Moore The Best Of CD which I reviewed for Showtime, so I know.

These days, I get my CDs for free because I review them for S*ubadra. Bless her. The latest CD I got was Ruffedge’s Re-Defined album, a repackaged album released to celebrate the group’s platinum success.

I love Ruffedge. I think they cheeky. My favourite member is Azan.

Last year at the Eh! 20 Yang Teranggun do, boyfie, me and a bunch of friends stood near the stage to see Ruffedge perform. After the group finished its last song, Azan and the rest walked back to his place and passed us. Boyfie said hi to Azan, Azab stopped and they did the secret handshake-thing. (Boyfie knows him from the time Ruffedge was still an underground group). Boyfie somehow decided that was a brilliant time to tell Azan that I liked him. And I was right next to them!

Needless to say, I was blushing macam apa. But Azan was cool. He playfully said that he also like me. Hehehe … suka 😀

I haven’t made up my mind about Re-Defined. I don’t know whether I like or hate it. Come to think about it, it’s probably a sign that I am not too taken by the album.

I love Tipah Tertipu, Goyang, Aura and Bila Rindu. These four are incidentally the ones which get regular airplay (read: the better ones). I think there’s one “unknown” song in the album which is nice but I don’t know the title. Must have another listen to it.

I don’t quite know what I want to write about Ruffedge yet but I’m sure it will be a favourable review. I never really give bad reviews. Except to Chingy’s sophomore album Power Ballin’. That album was different. The whole thing was a cliche. Simply too much bragging about girls and bling blings. You know what they say about that, don’t you. That “too much bragging about bling blings make Chingy a dull rapper”.


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