Since My Birthday…

I turned 27 last Friday (Feb 25). Thank you very much to all those who wished me Happy B-day. Thanks to Princess for the lovely flowers on Monday. I forgot to ask her what they are called. I think they’re daises. I’m absolutely useless with flowers. Princess would be proud to know that the daisies are still alive and at present sitting beautifully arranged in a vase on my dining table.

Also, thanks to Mspillay who treated me to tea at formerly Silver Spoons after I was done reading the proofs on Fri.

I have to say that my birthday this year is really low key. I went for dinner with boyfie and his cousins. His cousin bought me a slice of Secret Recipe cake 🙂 and Kamm sent me some UK magazines. Thanks again for the mags, Kamm.

So, is there a difference now that I am 27? Nope. Like what I wrote on my blogspot profile: Biologically I am 27 but mentally, I am not sure. Yep, that pretty much sums it all up.


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